As part of the annual meeting of the German Musicological Society, the society’s Committee for International Relations (of which Barbara is a member member) organised a panel discussion about international research collaborations in an age of political turmoil. This was inspired by the sudden severing of contacts with scholars and institutions in Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, but the discussion ranged more widely, from China to Latin America. Our panelists Christoph Flamm (Heidelberg), Eylaaf Bader Eddin (Berlin), Alejandro L. Madrid (Harvard University), Gesine Schröder (Leipzig and Vienna) and Jörg Morré (Berlin) addressed issues such as scholarly boycotts, dodgy money, validating rogue countries through research collaborations, diasporic academic communities, and many more. Barbara chaired the panel, which was no mean feat, given that two of the participants joined us on zoom, and the discussion switched from German to English and back again.