‘Finding Our Way’ is a Knowledge Exchange collaboration between researchers from Oxford Brookes, TORCH at the University of Oxford and the Unlock the Chains Collective. On 11-12 February, as part of the One World Family Festival at the Ashmolean Museum, Euton Daley and Unlock the Chains actors performed an excerpt of the piece ‘Still Breathing’ in the Greek and Roman Sculpture Gallery. ‘Finding Our Way’ presented the first wearable archives, using tunics created by Rachel Barbaresi as part of the collaborative and co-creative process with community members, students and participants, followed by a procession through the museum including the Chantrey Wall. The project explores ways of mapping Afro-Caribbean movements in Oxford, entailing the dialectic between interactions with troubled and violent institutional archives and collections on the one hand, and the rematerialization – through storytelling and public performance – of the individual and communal stories these archives (fore) tell. To know more, follow https://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/finding-our-way-0