Barbara used the Easter break to give a paper for the Historical Society of Middle Franconia (est. 1830), which offered new perspectives on the theatricals organised at the court of the last Margrave of Ansbach-Bayreuth in the 1780s. The main playwright and theatre manager was Lady Elizabeth Craven, the (putative) mistress of the Margrave, who was notorious throughout Europe for her lifestyle and her journey to the Crimea and Constantinople. Barbara argued that her theatricals were not just an outlet for a self-centred and vain woman (she has been constantly reviled in local history), but that they are part of a larger European tradition of aristocratic amateur theatre, and that they address hot topics of the era, such as orientalism and revolutionary ideas. Thanks to a detailed preliminary report in the local newspaper, the presentation was very well attended (about 80 to 100 listeners). For more detail, visit