Miriam’s article, ‘Navigating the Cultural Landscape through Publishing Brands: A Theoretical, Gendered Perspective’, will be published in the next issue of Publishing Research Quarterly. You can read the abstract below:

In the consumer!s cultural landscape everything is gendered, including publishers. Some publishers lean into the gendered elements of their brand personality and make active choices to design their brand, and the books they publish, to engage with gendering elements of design, fonts, colours, and text. The consumer can utilise publishers as landmarks to understand which spaces are safe for them to perform their chosen self- and projected-identities, and form relationships based on these considerations. Ultimately, the consumer enacts a gendered performance of self in their cultural landscape and in doing so, they can choose to interact with publishers that embody different gendered elements within a complex discourse of consumerism, societal norms and expectations, and perceptions.