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SARU Journal – latest issue now available

The members of the SARU (Sonic Art Research Unit) are pleased to announce that the latest issue of their journal a row of trees, curated by Dr Patrick Farmer, is now available at a row of trees attempts to loosen the bounds between disciplines, and is committed to publishing new works across a variety of fields, backgrounds and mediums. Its latest issue (December 2022) contains contributions from Loren Chasse, Clara de Asís, Laura Duval, Sarah Hughes, Marlo De Lara, Emily Leon, Joseph Clayton Mills, Roosmarijn Pallandt, Matt Parker, and Chloe Zimmerman.

New Imaginaries of Migration webinar – Tuesday 7 March 2023

Colleagues from the Film studies team invite you to attend the latest webinar in the series New Imaginaries of Migration at Maison Française d’Oxford, which will take place on Tuesday 7 March, 12.30 – 2pm GMT | 1.30 – 3pm CET. In this webinar,  film director and photographer Samuel Gratacap,  photographer Ricci Shryock, and sociologist Katharina Tittel (MédiaLab of Sciences Po Paris) will be discussing how photographs of migration can bind a collective and individual dimension. For further detail and to register, please follow

Maya Nedyalkova: Article on cross-generational film memories accepted for publication

Maya’s article, titled “Watching Across Generations – Comparing the Memories and Experiences of Bulgarian Film Viewers”, has been published in Art Studies Quarterly – a peer-reviewed periodical of the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. For further detail, see


Janice Howard: Adria Shorts

In December 2022, Janice Howard’s film Picture Box was selected as an award winner at the Adria Shorts International Short Film Festival (Zadar, Croatia), and will be nominated for the festival’s main awards and for the Grand Prix as the best film of the year.

Alessandra Palidda: monograph accepted for publication in the CUP Elements series ‘Music and the City’

Dr Alessandra Palidda’s monograph Urban Spectacle in Republican Milan: Pubbliche feste at the turn of the nineteenth century has been recently accepted for publication in Cambridge University Press Elements series ‘Music and the City.’ Combining historical musicology, urban musicology and sound studies, Alessandra’s book focuses on urban soundscapes, public celebration and musical practices in Milan, Northern Italy, during the Napoleonic republics (1796-1802).


Daniela Treveri Gennari: Workshop: New Directions in Audience studies: culture, people, and technologies

On the 22nd of November 2022, Daniela Treveri Gennari presented her new platform “Cinema Histories” (developed in collaboration with The Digital Humanities Institute at the University of Sheffiled, De Montford University and the University of Ghent) in a paper titled ‘Connecting Audiences through the Cinema Histories platform.’ The presentation was part of the event ‘New Directions in Audience studies: culture, people, and technologies,’ organised at the University of Glasgow. For further detail, see

Alexandra Wilson in the Glyndebourne Tour programme

Alexandra Wilson has had an essay on Puccini’s La boheme published in the 2022 Glyndebourne Tour programme. This is a different essay from the one she had published in the main Glyndebourne Festival programme in the summer of 2022. More info at

SoA to host residency of the Japanese artist and photographer Hayahisa Tomiyasu

SoA is hosting a residency of the Japanese artist and photographer Hayahisa Tomiyasu, who will be at Oxford Brookes between 20-25 October. The residency is organised by Modern Culture, a programming agency for literature, film and contemporary art, and is running across Norwich, Oxford and London with a focus on place and memory. It is the inaugural event of the Photography Research Group, and is convened by Jelena Stojković (Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory).
At Brookes, Hayahisa will work in the photography studio spaces in RHB to create a temporary exhibition, and will deliver a masterclass for fine art and photography students.
Hayahisa Tomiyasu (b. 1982) lives and works in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. He studied photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University and the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. He has had ten solo exhibitions in Japan, Germany and the UK and has taken part in numerous group exhibitions. He has eight publications. His best-known series TTP (Tischtennisplatte) was shot from the eighth-floor window of his apartment, and won the MACK First Book Award 2018.

Paul Whitty: Sound Diaries

A new volume of recordings from the field recording project Somewhere a Field has been released on the Sound Diaries Bandcamp. The field recordings were made during a residency at a farm in Netherexe examining the detail of the rural soundscape using hydrophones, contact microphones and interacting with the sounding behviour of the site with a variety of collaborators including artists, writers and musicians. These recordings were made when the site was in flood.

Barbara Eichner: Panel discussion: International research cooperations in an age of political turmoil: political problems and ethical perspectives

As part of the annual meeting of the German Musicological Society, the society’s Committee for International Relations (of which Barbara is a member member) organised a panel discussion about international research collaborations in an age of political turmoil. This was inspired by the sudden severing of contacts with scholars and institutions in Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, but the discussion ranged more widely, from China to Latin America. Our panelists Christoph Flamm (Heidelberg), Eylaaf Bader Eddin (Berlin), Alejandro L. Madrid (Harvard University), Gesine Schröder (Leipzig and Vienna) and Jörg Morré (Berlin) addressed issues such as scholarly boycotts, dodgy money, validating rogue countries through research collaborations, diasporic academic communities, and many more. Barbara chaired the panel, which was no mean feat, given that two of the participants joined us on zoom, and the discussion switched from German to English and back again.

Daniela Treveri Gennari: Successful AHRC Research Funding

Daniela Treveri Gennari (together with Dr Silvia Dibeltulo, HSS) was successful in the AHRC Standard Research Grant project titled: WOMEN IN ITALIAN FILM PRODUCTION: INDUSTRIAL HISTORIES AND GENDERED LABOUR, 1945-85. The project is led by Professor Stephen Gundle (University of Warwick).

Daniela Treveri Gennari: Keynote at the Cinema as space of encounters before, during and after WWII.

Daniela Treveri Gennari was the keynote at the workshop Cinema as space of encounters before, during and after WWII as part of the series ‘Cinema, War and Citizenship at the Periphery: cinemas and their audiences in the Nordic countries, 1935–1950’, funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOSHS). Her paper was titled: ‘Developing a cinema typology: methodological challenges in comparative analysis of film exhibition’.

Alessandra Palidda: Paper presented at the invitation-only conference ‘Transnational Networks of Operetta in Early Unified and Fin de Siècle Italy’

As part of a panel with scholars from Cambridge and KCL, Alessandra Palidda was invited to present at the international conference on operetta and transnationalism that took place in Bern, Switzerland, in September. Alessandra presented a paper on the transnational networks of the Casa Sonzogno and the cultural and print markets of late-ninettenth-century Italy.

Hanna Klien-Thomas: MeCCSA conference paper

Hanna Klien-Thomas presented a paper at the annual Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association Conference in Aberdeen on 7th September titled “Caribbean Carnival in the pandemic: navigating hegemonic and competing temporalities in digital platforms”.

Barbara Eichner Presents “Drachen, Götter und Walküren: Mythosbilder von der Bühne nach Netflix und zurück”

Historically informed performances of musical works have been a staple of concert life for several decades. However, nobody has tackled so far the recreation of historical stagings of operas. The conference “Wagner – historisch informiert!” at the Institute for Music Theatre Studies in Bayreuth / Germany will focus on the realities and practicalities of staging Wagner’s “Ring” cycle. Barbara Eichner will contribute a paper which discusses how the images of Wagner’s time have been overlaid by modern pop culture, e.g. epic fantasy movies and series such as “The Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones”, making it difficult for modern audiences to perceive a recreation of Wagner’s original performance as “realistic” or “authentic”.

Jelena Stojkovic: Panel Chairing

Jelena Stojkovic chaired a panel discussion between Aaron Gerow (Yale University) and Christine Marran (University of Minnesota) [on Zoom] at a study day dedicated to the work of Tsuchimoto Noriaki. The study day took place on September 9, 2022 in the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image as part of the Open City Documentary Festival in London and was organised by Ricardo Matos Cabo.

Tsuchimoto Noriaki: Study-Day

Daniela Treveri Gennari: Book chapter published

Daniela Treveri Gennari’s book chapter (written in collaboration with Prof John Sedgwick) titled “Five Italian Cities: Comparative Analysis of Cinema Types, Film Circulation and Relative Popularity in the Mid-1950s” was published in the book “Towards a Comparative Economic History of Cinema, 1930-1970” (Springer, 2022).

Daniela Treveri Gennari: Workshop “Cinema without cinema”

Daniela Treveri Gennari (together with Judie Gannon, Business School at OBU) organised a workshop titled “Cinema without the Cinema” at the UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTÓNOMA DE MÉXICO, FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS POLÍTICAS Y SOCIALES, CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS POLÍTICOS. The workshop was attended by students and staff from a wide range of disciplines (from communication and media to international relations and politics).


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