Category: Past Events

Amy Harris: Ankara Internship
May 24, 2023

Through this Live Industry Project in collaboration with Chrisanna (a textile print company based in London) and Molaloche Concepts (Lagos, Nigeria), Amy aimed to give her FAD students a ‘real...

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Amy Harris: Remembering Solutions
May 17, 2023

With her students, Amy participated in a collaborative project between Oxford Brookes FAD and  Elizabeth Abere, CEO and Founder of Molaloche Concepts, a textile craft business based in Lagos,...

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PMRU's Eurovision Event
May 14, 2023

Dr Jan Butler and PhD student Kirsten Etheridge of the Popular Music Research Unit (PMRU) held an event at Brookes in honour of the UK hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine on 27th April. Th...

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