Through this Live Industry Project in collaboration with Chrisanna (a textile print company based in London) and Molaloche Concepts (Lagos, Nigeria), Amy aimed to give her FAD students a ‘real world’ experience of working as a freelance designer. Whilst also working to change the narrative of African countries and allowing students in Oxford to work for a successful business woman in Nigeria. Through collaboration with Elizabeth Abere (CEO of Molaloche Concepts), Chrisanna Mcarthur and Louise Williams,  Amy wrote a brief for students to design Ankara fabrics for Molaloche Concepts telling ‘a story about Oxford’ to the people of Lagos. Selected fabrics (such as the one depicted above) will be printed and sent to Elizabeth in Lagos for her to use in her own designs, and sold to her customers in Lagos. A slideshow telling the students’ story throughout the project and showing the selected fabrics can be seen here.